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Hario Paper Filter White

Hario Paper Filter White for 02 Dripper


TRANSFORM YOUR COFFEE: Paper filters are known to produce a brighter, sweeter cup of coffee compared to metal filters. Paper filters are absorbent and tightly woven to filter out most of the oils and micro-grounds
EASY TO USE: Simply rinse the paper with boiling water before use. Rinsing helps to minimise the paper taste as you get to the end of your brew and helps the coffee to filter through easier
REDUCES CAFESTOL: Did you know that drinking large quantities of unfiltered coffee every day could increase cholesterol levels believed to be due to Cafestol? Significantly reduce your intake by using an effective coffee filter during your brewing process, like paper filters

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Hario Paper Filter White for 02 Dripper

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175mm top corner to corner Suitable for Hario V60 02 and Tiamo V02 Drippers 100 Sheets
Paper Filters for Hario V60 Dripper
02 Size
Easy to Dispose
Made in Holland

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