Airbnb Cleaning Contract Template

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Comprehensive 6 pages Airbnb Cleaning Contract Template for your STR business.

Anyone who uses cleaning services should consider using a contract template such as this. Not only do you need a contract for cleaning but you should also ask the following:

  • Is anyone available to cover them in case of emergency if they are unable to attend
  • Do they have insurance?
  • Are they able to take pictures for you before and at the end of each turnover?
  • What are hours do they operate?
  • Do they supply the products?

This Airbnb cleaning agreement can be used for Airbnb, VRBO and many more.

If you are looking to get someone’s property cleaned for use on Airbnb or vacation rental or a landlord and want someone to clean it for you, having a written Airbnb cleaning contract is a must.

This agreement will serve as a record of commitments for both parties and prevent conflicts and mitigate risk. If an agreement is in place, it increases the efficiency, which leads to generating higher revenues which will be much more than the investment you will put in to get the agreement in place.


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If you intend to use this Airbnb Cleaning Contract Template, please alter it as per your individual needs and local legislation.

Essential issues to include your Airbnb Cleaning Contract Template:

  • What does the cleaner plan to do if they are unavailable for a turnover due to an accident or emergency?
  • Ensure that they are aware of any issues with the rental, photograph any damage/excessive mess, and send them to you straight away.
  • Who provides the cleaning materials, and who restocks the rental with consumables? How will the finances for these be arranged?
  • What insurance does the cleaner have in the event of damage or injury?
  • Be sure that the contract restricts access to specific times. There have been horror stories about cleaners…

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Also, see Airbnb Cleaning Checklist Template.

16 reviews for Airbnb Cleaning Contract Template

  1. Hannah

    Thank you hopefully will help my cleaning

  2. airbnb king

    Super helpful. And this template was easy to use.

  3. Lucy

    Easy to use format for our short term rental.

  4. Steve Griffiths

    Easily agreed by my cleaning company!

  5. Lullu

    Quick and easy

  6. Gemma

    Perfect for our new vacation rental!! Thank you!!!

  7. Vivian

    easy to use and edit

  8. Paul

    few questions and were answered immediately! Great service

  9. Lullu

    perfect – thanks

  10. kiln

    serves the purpose well !

  11. Vik

    I wish I could have got it before !

  12. Paul

    signed up for airbnb and vrbo

  13. Rebecca

    It helps

  14. Hannah


  15. Tom

    deteiled – thanks

  16. Dhull

    required for a few airbnbs I run its great

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