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Bamboo Chopping Board Set 3 Pack

Bamboo Chopping Board Set 3 Pack

✔️ 3 CHOPPING BOARDS – The Maison & White Chopping Board Set is ideal for slicing, dicing, and cutting up all types of food. The 3 different sizes mean you can choose which size board you think is suitable for the job!
✔️ CUT-OUT HOLES – Designed into each of the chopping boards are holes that can be utilised for hanging the boards in the cupboard or stabilising them as you chop.
✔️ DURABLE BAMBOO – Made from naturally durable and waterproof bamboo, these chopping boards are lightweight, portable and sustainable meaning they are resistant to scratches and marks.

Bamboo Chopping Board Set 3 Pack

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The Maison & White Bamboo Chopping Board set is made from 100% natural bamboo wood, making them highly durable. These chopping boards are scratch & damage resistant to help prevent blunting your kitchen knives, helping to keep them sharper for longer. Bamboo is a very hard wood and doesn’t absorb water, so it does not crack or warp as easily as other wood types. Suitable for all kinds of food – meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread and more; use the different size boards to chop different foods safely and hygienically. Each board has a thumb hole cut into the wood, making it easy for you to carry and hang up the boards when they’re not in use. The Maison & White Bamboo Chopping Boards can also be used as an aesthetic presentation board, perfect for any dinner parties or to add a rustic touch to your dining table.


Suitable for all different types of food.
100% naturally durable bamboo
3 chopping boards included; small, medium and large.
Each board has a thumb hole for easy holding & storage, perfect for hanging the boards.
Resistant to scratches and damage.


In the box: 1 Large, 1 Medium and 1 Small Maison & White Bamboo Chopping Board.
Large size: L33 X W21 X H1.2cm
Medium size: L27 X W20 X H1.2cm
Small size: L20 X W15 X H1.2cm
Material: 100% Bamboo
2 year manufacturer warranty

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✔️ SUITABLE – Perfect for all types of food; meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, cheese and bread.
✔️ 100% BAMBOO – Made purely from durable bamboo, these chopping boards are not only water resistant but also sustainable & eco-friendly.
✔️ SET OF 3 – The Maison & White Bamboo Chopping Board set includes 3 different sized boards, perfect for different uses around the kitchen.
✔️ GUARANTEED – This Maison & White chopping board set comes with 2 years manufacturer warranty.
✔️ SIZE – 3 SIZES – Small ( L20 X W15 X H1.2cm) Medium (L27 X W20 X H1.2cm) Large (L33 X W21 X H1.2cm)

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