Higher Revenue & Occupancy with Dynamic Pricing from DPGO

It’s time to say goodbye to manual pricing updates! DPGO is the AI-driven, deep learning dynamic pricing tool that you never knew you needed until now.

Learn more about DPGO’s comprehensive insights, data analysis capabilities, and pricing optimization abilities right here!

What is DPGO?

In a market flooded with dynamic pricing tools, how do you know which one is right for you? Well, it’s simple – identify the kind of insights that you need and find the software that gives you those most desirable insights for the smallest price.

But wait, what sorts of insights are you supposed to want to see? For those who have never worked with dynamic pricing before, knowing the right figures to pay attention to can be a very complex concept. As local market experts, we know which data sets are important to determining market price, and which are not!

DPGO was founded by a group of Airbnb hosts and real-estate investors, which means that successful Airbnb hosting is like second nature to us. Our pricing tool was developed to be the most advanced of its kind on the market today and we hired the best big data experts to build it for us!

Six basic feature groups of DPGO…

What is DGPO

1. AI-Driven Insights

By combining machine learning, fast reaction times, and billions of market data points, DPGO finds the right price for your listing in any given market environment to earn you as much money as possible from every transaction.

AI-driven simply refers to the fact that the collection and processing of large quantities of data form the basis of our pricing tool.

Without the data we collect and analyze, we would not be able to offer the recommendations and specially-designed strategies that we currently do.

We’re local market data experts and we know exactly how to use the data we collect to improve the health and yield of your Airbnb listing or business.

2.Users Develop Their Own Personal Strategies

DPGO allows users to set their own pricing parameters, which gives them greater freedom to control the pricing of their listings on a more detailed level. Users can set a minimum per night listing price, a maximum price, a base price, as well as adding specialized pricing rules for weekends and holidays. 

We’ve created four pricing strategies: More Aggressive, Recommended, More Conservative, and Custom.

We recommend using different pricing strategies for weekends and holidays in order to better optimize your earnings. You can change these settings on our easy to use DPGO interface. It is as easy as pie!

3. Users have the Freedom to Create Flexible Adjustments

The DPGO interface allows you to offer discounts, weekend adjustments, special holiday pricing, seasonal price changes, and alternating pricing limits. Our adjustment capabilities allow you to change the discount amounts based on the length of your guests’ stay.

The seasonal adjustment option allows users to set up their desired discount percentage, and allocate when they’d like to offer said discount, just once. The algorithm will do the rest and you won’t have to worry about setting up your dynamic pricing parameters again.

4. DPGO Uses Real-Time Local Market Data to Create Our Pricing Recommendations

Pricing decisions need to be made according to real-time data. If not, they won’t be optimized and able to create the greatest revenue generation.

The key to the perfect pricing strategy is an ability to detect and react to market changes and surges in booking rates. Without these insights, you will miss out on bookings, especially if your competitors have access to these market surge insights.

We monitor the market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no expectations. Without this consistent monitoring, you risk missing booking surges and leaving your listing as the only one not booked for a busy period.

This may then lead to you offering a greater discount than you want in order to ensure a booking. DPGO works to fight this eventuality. We want to make sure that you never miss a beat, and our dynamic pricing tool will ensure that your listing is always competitively priced.

5. DPGO Pricing Tool Algorithm Uses Yield Management

Airbnb Yield-Management

Including Yield Management in our algorithm set up allows it to consistently learn and improve with every piece of data it analyzes. The software can analyze market demand and supply while monitoring competitor price changes, fluctuations in booking frequencies, and even greater market trends.

DPGO also monitors events in the local area as well as national holidays, school holidays, and historically busier booking periods.

Using a combination of real-time data and an informed knowledge of how the market operates, DPGO ensures that our users are never left behind current market trends and their prices are always attractive to their target guests.

6. We Monitor Your Listing’s Growth Performance

Having a better understanding of how your listing is growing and improving is a great tool to strengthen your business success. Honest and clear reporting capabilities give DPGO users the ability to identify the weaknesses in their Airbnb listing and focus their attention on improving in those specific areas.

Our Health Score index shows property owners, managers, and hosts how well their listing is booking in comparison with other similar properties in their local market. If your health score falls below 8.0, then you need to examine the specifics of your pricing strategy.

Either your prices are too high and you’re scaring off potential guests, or your prices are too low and you’re leaving money on the table.

Our calendar function shows you a 52-week forecast of your prices. These prices are based on the market environment at the current moment. These predictions will change as the market does and they are by no means set in stone.

The pricing predictions serve simply to better illustrate the range of expected nightly income in the future. If users are unhappy with their predictions, then they need to consider changing either their maximum, minimum, or base price to give the DPGO pricing tool more room to change and optimize prices.


Want a little taste of the insights that DPGO offers?

Check out our newly debuted Markets section! Non-users can visit our website homepage at www.dpgo.com, select Markets, and discover a whole host of free data! All you need to do is enter the area in North America that you’d like to analyze, and we’ll do the rest.

You’ll be shown the average daily rate, market occupancy rate, prevalence of property type, day of the week occupancy, minimum night stay, market frequency, and more.

You don’t need to register a credit card and you can cancel your profile at any time! Not that you’ll want to after you see the increase in occupancy and revenue that DPGO creates!

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