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Airbnb Amenities

The Complete Shopping List To Set Up Your Property For Airbnb

If you are new to Airbnb, the big question that’s going to haunt the first part of your new business is ‘what do I need to buy?’.

Your property doesn’t have to be like a hotel… should be sufficiently equipped to provide home comforts to people on a short vacation. 

Now..the confusion starts with ‘home comforts’, as it means different things to different people.

Here is my list of recommended stuff you should get for your Airbnb, people will still complain about not have a toothpick or they wish it has balcony etc…… but with my experience of handling 5000 checkin’s over 100 properties…..this list fits needs of 99% of the people.

Airbnb amenities list can broadly be categorised on the following room types:

1. Bathroom:

ItemQuantityAmazon Product LinkIn my experience..
Toilet Brush1Try not to buy a metallic one, it will start rusting in no time. Get a good quality plastic one.
- Body Wash
- Shampoo
- Conditioner
- Moisturiser
1Single-use bottles are expensive, dangerous for the environment and hassle every week or so. Get 5L cans for each from amazon.
Dispenser for:
- Body Wash
- Shampoo
- Conditioner
1Get Aviva triple soap dispenser if it is available in your country, it may seem a little expensive but last for years and performs well. Try to avoid other cheaper alternatives; they won't last long.
Moisturiser & Handwash Dispenser1Get a double Aviva moisturiser dispenser, place it next to the washbasin.
Shower Anti Slip Mat1Try to get one in dark colour, these mats catch mould very quickly and shows easily on the light colour.
Floor matt3One in use, one goes for washing and one stays spare.
Toilet Tissues1If you have storage space, buy the biggest pack you can buy, you will save money and time both.
Shower Curtain1Buy plain white or off white, any other colour or printed will make your bathroom look small.
Mould & Mildew Remover1With time, tiles, bath/shower corners and the curtain will start getting black due to mould. A mould buster like this will keep it looking fresh and clean of any mould.
Toothbrush Holder1This Joseph Joseph toothbrush holder is great, its super easy to clean, non breakable and does't catch dirt easily.
Towel Rail1If you don't have heated towel rail in the bathroom, a wall mounted towel rail like this close to the hand basin is essential.
Bathroom Pedal Bin1Try to get one like this which is made of plastic. Metallic bins are cheaper but won't last long and start rusting soon.
Toilet Cleaner4Buy at least 4 bottles
Bath Scale (Optional)1Not hugely important but if you have space this will be a good additional amenity.
Laundry Basket (Optional)1Again, not very important but if you have space to fit in, go for it.

2. Living Room:

ItemQuantityAmazon Product LinkMy experience says..
Sofa or Chairs1 sitting space for each guestIkea SofaBest sofa bed for AirbnbHaving a sofa bed in the living room is a good idea, it adds more sleeping options. This sofa bed from Ikea is by far the most suitable product and is used in Airbnb's widely.
Coffee Table1Instead of getting one big table, nested tables like this are more useful as guests can move them around easily where needed.
Rug1A rug like this is easy to hoover or clean. Due to its pattern, dirt/stains don't stand out easily.
Artwork3Don't over do it. one in each room should be sufficient, I try to keep things minimalistic.
Sofa Cushions1 for each sofa seatCushions are the best way to brighten up a dull room easily.
Floor Lamp1 for two sofas
Side TableAt least 1 for each sofa

3. Hallway:

ItemQuantityAmazon Product LinkMy experience says..
Hat & Coat Hanger1It should near the entry door to the property. If a standing one doesn't fit, you can look for wall hooks.

4. Bedroom:

ItemQuantityShopMy experience says..
Mattress1Try to buy double side mattress
Double Bedsheets6Amazon
Wooden Hangers18Ikea
Single Bedsheets3Amazon
Matrress Protector Double2Amazon
Matrress Protector Single1Amazon
King Duvet2Amazon
Single Duvet1Amazon
Pillow Covers10Ikea
Bed Spread Double2Ikea
Bed Spread Single1Ikea
Bed Side Matt3Ikea
Floor Lamps2Ikea
Bedside Lamps3Ikea
Bedside Table3Ikea

5. Kitchen:

ItemQuantityShopMy experience says..
4 Slot Toaster1AmazonUnless your property sleeps two, never buy 2 slot toaster for your Airbnb. It will only get you negative reviews. No body wants to queue up at the toaster
Kettle1AmazonTry not to buy a kettle with stainless steel exteriors, stains and fingerprints are easily visibile on steel surfaces
First Aid Kit1AmazonKeep it at a highly visible spot in the kitchen or hallway and easily accessible for people of all heights
Fire Blanket1AmazonKeep it in the kitchen easily accessible from cooking area in case of emergency
Fire Extinguisher1AmazonKeep it at a safe distance from hot surfaces but easily accessible and visble at the same time
CO Alarm1AmazonIt's important to have a CO detector on every floor and at knee height. Read more about the right way to install a CO alarm here.
Fire Alarm4AmazonPlace them in common areas or each room at ceiling height.
Bin1AmazonDon't buy a small bin for the kitchen, it will fillup easily which will result in more rubbish bags for guests and you to look after. I always buy atleast 40L size.
Tea/Coffee/Sugar/Milk Sachet Jar4IkeaDon't buy small jar or containers, you will have to keep refilling them more frequently. Buy a decent size which you can easily fit on the counter.
Salt/Pepper Jar2Ikea
Pots/Pans4IkeaPurchase one of each type you see in the store.
Buy a descent quality pans, every guest is likely to use one during the stay. If you have a dishwaher, try to look for dishwasher friendly, they will stay much cleaner.
Dinner Set1IkeaBuy white colour, easier to find replacements
Coffe Mugs1 per guestIkeaTry to buy of same colour and easily replacable.
Beer Mugs1 per guestIkea1
Water Glasses1 per guestIkea
Wine Glasses1 per guestIkea
Juice Glasses1 per guestIkea
Spoons/Fork/Knife2 per guestIkeaTwo of each per guest
Spices & Seasonings (small bottles)10TescoDifferent basic spices like Basil, Red Pepper etc
Bin Liners50 packCostco
Tea Towels4Ikea
Kitchen Towels4Costco
Hand wash2CostcoKeep one in reserve but accessible to guest if it runs out during the stay.
Dishwashing Liquid2CostcoKeep one in reserve but accessible to guest if it runs out during the stay.
Scotch Brite6CostcoKeep them reserve but accessible to guest if it runs out during the stay.
Ask cleaner to replace it every two weeks.
Dish rack1Ikea
Dish Cloth8Ikea
Towel Hooks4Ikea
Knife Set1AmazonTry to purchase knife set with a stand and knife stays clean in when in the stand
Chopping Board1IkeaTry to buy wooden one, its easier to clean and looks clean for longer
Tea1AmazonBuy individiual packs
Coffee1AmazonBuy individiual packs
Sugar White1AmazonBuy individiual packs
Sigar Brown1AmazonBuy individiual packs
Milk1AmazonBuy individiual packs
Cooking Spoons/Etc5IkeaBuy all different types
Bottle/Cork openerBuy two, keep one in reserve as they go missing easily.
Coffee MakerBuy the one which is easiest to clean
Coffee Filters
Filter CoffeeAlways use common brand eveyone is faimiliar with like Nescafe etc, if the guests don't lile like it they will blame the brand not you.

6. Cleaning Supplies:

ItemQuantityShopMy experience says..
Vacuum/Hoover1Try to get a bagless vacuum, I personally prefer Dyson V6 cordless vacuum for these reasons:
1. They last for years
2. Battery life on full power lasts about 30 minutes, just enough to clean an entire property.
3. It's very handy and easy to get into corners and under the furniture, so you or cleaner won't hesitate from using it everywhere which means good cleaning standards.
Mop & Bucket1AmazonGet a spare head along with it. Mop head needs to be replaced every three months.

7. Miscellaneous:

ItemQuantityShopMy experience says..
Extension Cables3IkeaExtension cables are helpful mainly in the living and bedrooms for plugging in phone chargers
Curtains~IkeaFor bedroom windows, get dark (non-transparent) material and make sure they cover the windows completely, and the room should get dark enough for a comfortable sleep
Door Stoppers1 for each doorAmazonOne for each door
GU10 Bulbs~AmazonFor ceiling lights, if you have them. Try to get the energy-saving LED bulbs
Candle Bulbs~AmazonMost of the table lamps use candle bulbs. Always keep spare bulbs and buy the energy-saving LED bulbs
ItemQuantityShopMy experience says..
Door Hooks for hanging clothes1 for each doorOne behind every bedroom and bathroom door.
Iron1Any descent stream iron will do, I use this one for my properties.
Iron Hanger1To store your Iron neatly.
Iron Board1Don't buy the small Iron stand, its useless
Clothes Airer1Get the foldable one which you can easily tuck away in storage space. Don't buy the 3-tier airer which is more commonly available, its complicated to fold and unfold and it will be broken in no time.

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