Airbnb Tools

All-Inclusive List Of Best Airbnb Tools Available Right Now!

Managing an Airbnb can get very stressful if you are not using the right Airbnb tools. With the right set of tools in your pocket, you can free up more time, get better reviews earn more money at the same time.

More and more systems are being developed to support Airbnb ecosystem more easily – here is the list of the most prominent tools in the market under each category.

Most of them offer a free trial, so try them and find out what works for you.
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Wheelhouse For Airbnb Dynamic Pricing
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hospitable for airbnb
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Lodgify Channel Manager for Airbnb
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airdna for vacation rental market research
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Airbnb Tools For Dynamic Pricing

This is also referred to as surge pricing or demand based pricing, it works just like hotels and airlines set their prices. These applications connect to your Airbnb listing and automatically update the rates on a regular basis based on the criteria defined by you. You can set a minimum and maximum price for your listing. 

Airbnb Tools For Message Automation

These Airbnb tools send personalised but automated messages to guests on your behalf based on the defined templates. Messages can be triggered based on an event such as enquiry, request to book, booking confirmation etc. You can also schedule messages to send information such checkin information, checkout reminder etc. 

Possibilities are limitless with these tools and you can automate up to 95% of the repetitive guest communication saving you hours every month.

Airbnb Tools For Managing Channels

You don’t need a channel manager if you list your property only on Airbnb.

If you list your property on multiple vacation rental websites, a channel manager will keep the availability and prices in sync across all the websites and you won’t have to manually update calendars every time you get a booking.

Airbnb Tools For Market Research

These tools help you find a profitable location for running an Airbnb. They also provide analytical data for your local market to help you make educated decisions about hosting strategies.

Airbnb Tools For Key Exchange

These websites help you exchange keys with the guest with least hassle and some also assist if the guest loses the keys.

Airbnb Tools For Digital Guidebooks

Digital guidebooks provide travelers with property information and local recommendations in a more effective way which can otherwise be tricky to share.

Financial Help For Airbnb Hosts

These websites provide you financial assistance being an Airbnb host, they can give you loan or advance payment on your future bookings based on how good your property is doing on Airbnb.

Airbnb Home Insurance

While traditional insurance companies are yet to catch up with the concept of shared economy and most of them invalidate your home insurance cover if it is let on Airbnb – there are a few good options for you to choose from if you want to be in control of the situation when things don’t go as per the plan.

Tools For Smart Homes

These new-age tools let you keep an eye on the safety and security of your property without invading the privacy of your guests. From keeping a tab on noise levels, remotely answer the doorbell to automatically switching off AC’s when no one is home – these smart tools pay you back into time.

Other Innovative Airbnb tools

The incredible success of Airbnb has fuelled a chain reaction of more innovative business supporting the growth of shared economy. Some of these niche companies are pretty new but their products look very promising.